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It is based on a working partnership between you and me to bring out the best in you. Since you are in a better position to know who you are and what you want from life, my role is hold up a clear mirror to you using my skills and experience.

Often, we set out thinking we aspire to a certain kind of life. Only later do we realise that it doesn't actually coincide with the one we really want. We then need to take stock. The coaching process helps you to do so and I work with you and provide a structure:

1. Who and where are you? (To be)
2. What actions need to be taken? (To do)
3. What are your visions, dreams, goals? (To have)


I trained as a life coach with The Coaching Academy and CoachU and qualified in 2002. I became a professional certified coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) in Jan. 2005.

I am experienced in the following areas:

Relationships and Intimacy
Spiritual and Personal Growth
Health, Lifestyle and Self-Care
Motivation and Time Management
Stress Management
Entrepreneurial Development
Career Development


I offer online life coaching via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp

I work with people going through significant life changes that make them: 

- feel confused and stuck; 

- want different things in life but who are not sure where to start and what to focus on.

It is easy to put off change. What I ask of you is not to jump out of your comfort zone but to stretch it until you feel safe enough to venture out.


I coach from the position of your strengths and essence, in an empathic and accepting manner. I listen deeply and ask edgy questions and use exercises to:

- de-clutter your internal and external worlds;

- achieve clarity on where and who you are; 

- decide how to align this to what you want;

- break what you want into manageable steps,

The aim is to enable you to become fully who you are and to lead an enriching life.


£60 for each 50 min. session

After forty life coaching sessions with Joyce, I could hardly recognise the person I was when I started the life coaching. Initially, I presented Joyce with a relationship issue I wanted to deal with, and it became very personal and sometimes difficult. I felt I was able to trust Joyce completely and she never judged and was "with me" in whatever emotions I was expressing, even when I was transferring my anger to her. As I became more comfortable with who I was, I was better able to get involved in healthier relationships.

One of the issues Joyce was able to address with me was clarity, as regards clarifying my needs, values and vision. And she would remind me of them when I decided on new directions to take, be it personal or professional, and would challenge me when I was at odds with them.

Although Joyce always followed my agenda, there was something more purposeful about the journey I was in, whereas before there were lots of chaos and going around in circles. Sometimes, Joyce would remind me how far I have come by acknowledging my achievements.

Now that I am engaged to a lovely man, have a job as manager in Qantas and become an Aussie resident with my fiance, I often think of Joyce and how much she has helped me feel as happy as I am today. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joyce to anyone considering entering a coaching relationship.

Louise Raggett, psychologist and human factors specialist

With Joyce's inimitable calm and guiding gentle force, I have adopted a new organised way of thinking, approaching situations in all my daily trials and triumphs. Joyce is adept at helping me increase my self-awareness. Highly attuned to my outlook, and understanding how I zone in and out of things, Joyce is a real Alchemist when it comes to such matters, that ability to turn what I've either never seen or just seen as invaluable to that potential nugget of gold.

Her life coaching has enabled me to look at my past with different eyes and I am much the richer for it. She has coached me in such a unique and genuine way that I think I will always hear her encouragement, enthusiasm and wise words from the side lines.

Suzanne Lyons, designer

I work in a challenging profession in which I encounter a great deal of rejection and status awareness. Therefore the development of an understanding of my own inner resources, through Joyce's guided visualisation, has helped me to withstand setbacks, maintain a sense of the positive, and look at alternative ways of attaining my goals.

Joyce has also helped me to understand my needs and values in my personal relationships. However nervous or downhearted I may feel, talking through the problems with Joyce allows me to see them in a new light. I find that Joyce has an excellent balance of listening and talking. I feel that she understands me and is not afraid to question some of the confusing things I say, and she guides me to where I want to go and to the knowledge that I already have. Our life coaching sessions are relaxed and although I tend to be impatient in life, I benefit from Joyce's very calm manner.

Pearl Howie, filmmaker

Joyce has helped me create a blueprint for my growing success. The one that stands out in my mind was an experiment where I desired to double my income, which I did successfully three months after setting the goal.

Joyce has also helped me realise where my shortcomings lie and has patiently, gently yet firmly assisted me in planning and setting goals to address this. I feel a great sense of ownership and partnership working with

Joyce and I have learnt much from the way she guides me to celebrate my achievements and strive to overcome my challenges. I recommend Joyce highly as a life coach due to her holistic and powerful method of coaching. Everyone should have a Joyce in their life.

Monica Eisenberg, corporate coach

I recall great moments and some more challenging but always in a safe environment. Great moment such as when I finally come to term with an issue or when a confused situation becomes clear and I know exactly what to do next, or not to do!

The questioning that Joyce uses helps me consider different angles and raise my overall awareness. Furthermore I can use some of this reasoning outside of the coaching sessions and this gives me a place to start the process by myself.

What I enjoy the most and is of great importance to me is the non-judgmental approach, and this allows me to go deeper. Joyce certainly over-delivers and always with high standards. Thank you, Joyce for your positivity, smiles, encouragement and respect.

Jackie Norton, client services consultant

Joyce has increased my awareness of what my needs and values in life are. I have become a contented person who appreciates her own skills and merits, and who values peace more than being right or pleasing others. Joyce has made me understand people better and where they are coming from. I am able to 'read' them and understand their actions instead of taking offence and thinking their moods are aimed at me.

My best description is like a clock coil which up to now has been tightly wound filled with 'gunk' unable to function properly. As that coil unravels and the gunk floats away, a new person evolves. A person who loves herself, and who doesn't need the support of 'friends' who let her down and hurt her.

Grace Adams, business woman

Joyce has a calming personality and I was comfortable in opening up to her very quickly, sharing information that I had not been able to discuss with other people previously.

One of Joyce's biggest strengths is that she does not attempt to solve problems for me or make suggestions about how I should proceed. She uses her listening and questioning skills to help me focus on key points and to encourage me to think about how I could move forward. While Joyce is always supportive, I am clear that the responsibility for my development ultimately rests with me. Joyce has provided me with some excellent tools to support my development.

Louise Hayter, human resources advisor

Joyce has created an atmosphere where I can be totally honest and truly be myself. This has meant that I can at last begin to understand and in turn be more forgiving of my behaviour. By understanding myself, I am able to understand and forgive others around me.. Joyce has provided me with a fantastic life coaching tool-kit which has enabled me to deal much more effectively with difficult situations. When I am lost in finding a solution, Joyce is a great help by providing suggestions. I feel so much more confident and in control of my life because of this. I have also been given reading materials which have been selected according to my needs. I have found some of these texts truly inspiring and I still refer to them if I need guidance.

Overall, life coaching has an extremely positive impact on my life. Joyce has a wonderful presence about her, which I have found truly inspiring and I feel blessed to have been her client over the year.

Betty Smith, manager

Joyce has an amazing skill to not only co-ordinate all facts, but also to clarify which the most important is. In addition, she is flexible in her approach and often gives me tasks to help me explore my real wants, needs and goals.

This is often supplemented with reading materials that act as positive reinforcers when I do not feel strong or capable of achieving my goals. These materials I still use to this day and I feel an immense sense of comfort and support from them. Her empathy is so fantastic that I often came away from the session having an increased awareness of my inner self.

Words cannot express the benefits I gain from receiving life coaching with Joyce. I thank Joyce for being my guide, giving me unlimited space to explore my feelings and effective tools to help me to focus my real needs and wants.

Lorraine Caan, HR administrator

Joyce is an exceptional life coach, she is perceptive, professional, sensitive, compassionate, intuitive and is wonderfully adept at sensing my mood and energy. I have often been surprised at the depth of insight or understanding I have achieved in a life coaching session.

At the start of our sessions Joyce always invites me to set the agenda and then creates a safe and open space for me to talk. But I always feel confident that she is there and ready to direct the conversation if ever I feel at a loss. Her style of questioning is sensitive and gentle though some of her questions surprise me, the results have been that I do think on a different level. Some requests e.g. visualisation, may not be the kind of thing I am use to, but have resulted in quite extraordinary experiences.

Over the months I have worked with Joyce I have been in a difficult situation in terms of my personal relationships. One of the main outcomes from this coaching has been a much deeper insight into myself and greater clarity about the issues I have been addressing.

Deborah Clark, coach

*Some names are changed to protect the identity of my clients.

A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.
Abraham Maslow


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