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Contrary to popular belief, mindfulness is not about relaxation. It stems from the Buddhist tradition and has been secularised in 1979 by the founder of the 8 Week Mindfulness Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course, Jon Kabat-Zinn. Another word for mindfulness is heartfulness. To quote Kabat-Zinn: "Mindfulness is paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment". We learn not to judge even our judgements and accept rather than endorsing all that is unacceptable.

With practice, we are able to move from:

- the default button to the pause button;
- the need to change and cure to a place of caring and compassion;
- automatic reaction to skilful responding.

A caveat: the practice could release hidden traumas and it is vital you are taught grounding techniques before we go further.


The 8 Week MBSR course is based on three decades of scientific research. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is adapted from the MBSR Course by Mark Williams, John Teasdale and Zindel Segal and has also been well researched. It is a recommended treatment by the NHS (National Health Service) for patients suffering from recurrent episodes of depression.

The 8 week Mindfulness MBSR and MBCT Course:

- has trained the public as well as psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors and life coaches;
- is highly practical in cultivating awareness, which leads to emotional and physical health benefits;
- includes a teaching booklet and three guided meditation audio tracks: Body Scan; Yoga Meditation; Sitting Meditation.


I started practising meditation in the Siddha Yoga tradition since 1992 before embarking on the mindfulness meditation route via training with several Mindfulness teachers and later at Bangor University, Centre for Mindfulness the origin and seat of MBSR and MBCT Training in the UK.

I meditate twice a day (a Christian meditation in the morning and a Mindfulness one before bed) and resolve to live mindfully with loving-kindness, as best as I can. I regularly listen to meditation podcasts, my favourite teacher being Tara Brach. I teach clients from my own practice and experience.


A reduction in pain and an enhanced ability to cope with pain
An ability to respond more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations
An increased ability to relax
An increase awareness and acceptance of whatever life has to throw at us
Greater energy and enthusiasm for life

People participate for reasons as diverse as:
Stress - personal and professional
Chronic pain and illness
Anxiety and panic
Low self-esteem
Sleep disturbance
Gastrointestinal distress
High blood pressure


£480* or 8 x 1 hour sessions (for individuals)
£400* (x2) for 8 x 1 hour 30 min. sessions (for each individual in a couple session)
with Mindfulness Meditation Downloads, Mindfulness Booklet, Mindfulness Resources

* 50% paid on the first week, 50% on the fourth week; Non-refundable

I contacted Joyce at a time when I felt my emotions, mainly anger and frustration, were beginning to damage not only me but more importantly the people I loved. I knew nothing about mindfulness courses but following a brief review of the basic principles involved and my trust in the wonderful Joyce, I decided to give it a go.

When I started the 8 week course I felt my life was in chaos - I had just lost my job and I was moving out of my long term flat. The course required finding a little time each day for me to be calm and still and with the help of guidance tapes as necessary, to go through a routine of concentrating on my breathing. Simple really! I had never practised any form of meditation before so of course my mind constantly drifted away from the focus of my breath and my body.

The beauty of mindfulness however is there is no correct way of doing it; there is no success or failure. All that is required is to be aware and present and each time thoughts appear simply recognise them, welcome them and then let them go. Practising mindfulness on a daily basis is the key. My feelings of anger and frustration have not gone away but I now feel I have a technique to help me deal with them and in time I hope I will retrain my natural fight response to difficult situations to a more measured, less confrontational and less damaging response. Thank you Joyce!

Dr. Jennifer Fallon, scientist

In search of an introduction to Meditation, I came across "Mindfulness Meditation Courses" and through the recommendation of a friend, I booked a one-to-one "8 week Mindfulness course" with Joyce. Being an active and never resting person, I thought that I would never be able to find my inner peace, but even after the first session I felt like being transferred into a different world. Joyce's ability to empathize and identify with me was outstanding, combined with gentleness and forseeability. Her sessions were very well structured, so that, regardless where we started our conversation, we always finished the session with meaningful thoughts to take back home. I am grateful for Joyce's assistance to discover new dimensions of life, and I hope, that many people will find their way to get her support.

Sally M, nutritionist

The gratitude I have for Joyce is beyond words. Her suggestion of the eight week mindfulness course and my acceptance has become a landmark in my life, a journey that has sparked a way of being, a path of discovery of my own freedom, choice and responsibility.

The course was well structured and insightful. Joyce practised the mindfulness practices in the sessions and each week supplied a home work task. The practices were varied and each aimed to develop an awareness of the present moment, these included; focused breathing, mindful eating, full body scan meditation, mindful yoga and sitting meditation. Through this practice my mind has become clearer and more able to choose thoughts skilfully rather than my mind completely taking control of me. At the end of the course I believe I have learnt the skills to start to take ownership of my Self.

Joyce held my emotions and feelings and respected what I brought to each of the sessions. I felt encouragement, understanding and humour, most importantly she challenged me. My goal was to become exactly who I am and not live for other people. She stayed true to my vision; I was overwhelmed by her belief and acceptance even when I wanted to give up.

I'd like to share a few reflections of my experience of Joyce: I saw her as an anchor, made with endurable strength; I felt her as a hand holding mine guiding and being present with all my darkness and daemons; I felt an energy of warmth and love whenever I saw her; I heard her as a negotiator, an advocate for both darkness and light.

Thank you for showing me the way.

Debs Cottrell, youth worker

I really enjoyed the Mindfulness course with Joyce and would definitely recommend this to people. Since doing the Mindfulness course, I have found myself able to think more clearly and take action on problems I have rather than constantly procrastinating. I now find it easier to doing physical activities such as running and cycling as my mind is not plagued with self-doubt, or if it is I now have the tools to observe these thoughts as just thoughts and not real!

I found the 8 week Mindfulness course to be very well structured and the homework each week really helped. I really enjoyed the information Joyce gave on mindfulness and how it came about and the people involved in its development. I now meditate regularly and have even given a copy of the Body Scan CD to a friend for her to benefit from as well.

Beth Campion, musician

Mindfulness practice has provided me with a humane way to stay with whoever I am at any time. I find that comforting as I am not always sure who emerges and if I can accept that person. I often even hate myself but with mindfulness practice, I even accept the part of me that hates myself. Easier said than done though.

The teacher/vehicle is important. Though I have been married for 16 years to someone who devoutly practises Insight Meditation all this while and surrounded by his many books, the message never really got to me. The "light", exploratory, pragmatic, peer-based (respectful) counselling/teaching approach adopted by Joyce works especially well for someone like me who rebels against institutionalized approaches with a passion. I also believe that it is a matter of "ripe" timing that has brought together the teaching, guide/Joyce and my increasing need for a way of life that can include all aspects of me, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Moh Sin, officer with the United Nations regional development secretariat

I have found my mindfulness sessions with Joyce grounding and uplifting in equal measure. She is happy to talk about the nitty gritty of mindfulness, my personal difficulties and banal questions in such a non-judgemental way that without anything changing I feel differently about my practice and my life. All that laughter is good for me!

Flora MaClay, counselling psychologist

Joyce is a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher who guided me through the 8-week mindfulness course with insight and encouragement drawn from her own regular practice. I feel like a caged bird that has been set free to fly and I am eternally grateful to Joyce for showing me the way out through her teachings.

Mindfulness is a simple and practical tool accessible to anyone - there is no philosophy to study, no right or wrong way to do it. The course is well paced and structured so that you can begin to integrate Mindfulness into your daily life right from the beginning. As the weeks progressed my perspective changed and I felt as if for the first time in my life I was waking up to who I truly am, in a loving and accepting way.

From that has flowed courage, self-esteem, clarity of mind, less stress and anxiety, less anger, self-acceptance, self-love, letting go of a destructive relationship, an improved relationship with my parents, taking control of my life and making some bold decisions, trusting my intuition, acknowledging my worth and more moments of contentment and peace with things as they are .... This may seem like an exaggerated list but it really isn't. These are not all fully fledged trees, but they are seeds of potential I didn't acknowledge or know before, which through practicing Mindfulness, are beginning to blossom - I feel blessed.

The changes in me have been so noticeable that family members have gone on to do the course too. It has been the best investment I have made in myself. I cannot recommend it enough.

Aafke, management accountant

You have certainly been a breath of calmness in my life. You have opened my eyes up to enjoying the present which hasn't stopped me thinking one step ahead but allowed me to slow down a little and take in what is happening around me before it's gone forever. This has been through both Reiki and Mindfulness training and treatments.

Yvette Nieslony, IT project manger

When I started the 8-week mindfulness course with Joyce, I had already spent over a year benefitting from her skills as a counsellor. I was going through a period of major flux in my personal and professional life and Joyce’s kindness, wisdom and patience were hugely beneficial. The mindfulness course with Joyce significantly changed my life.

My ability to recognise and handle my own stress improved vastly. Joyce patiently guided me through and helped me recognise old and stubborn patterns, and helped me find the skills and tools to change them. Her warmth and laughter are a joy, and I can safely say that my new mindful way of life has improved the quality of my life. I’ve successfully beaten my emotional eating habit, can manage pain through meditation and can’t stop telling everyone about it!

Shahnaz Chatterjee, trainer

*Some names are changed to protect the identity of my students.

You need to say hello before you can
 say goodbye, it's only good manners.
Jon Kabat-Zinn


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