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EMDR Coach & Therapist,
Mindfulness and Reiki Teacher

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While counselling tends to address short-term issues, psychotherapy probes deeper. However, there is an overlap and one may lead to another. Both aims to establish a therapeutic relationship to help you:

- explore thoughts, feelings and their impact on your body,
- gain insight into your difficulties,
- establish a greater understanding of your motivation,
- find more resourceful ways of coping,
- bring about changes in your thinking and behaviour.


I read psychology and sociology at the University of Hong Kong and obtained a Bachelors (Honours) Degree in Social Sciences in 1977.

I trained as a psychotherapist / counsellor with the London School of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the University of Roehampton, London and qualified as a Humanistic Psychotherapist and Counsellor in 2001.

I started seeing clients in 2000 as part of my placement training. I became accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (membership number 00533884) in May 2003 and continue to train in different areas as part of my personal and professional development.

In 2007, I attended the Journey Intensive and Advanced Intensive and underwent several Journeys myself. I had since completed many "journeys" with my clients. The beauty of Brandon's Journey was that it included a forgiveness process. This tied in with the Forgiveness Workshops I had been running which were heavily influenced by my humanistic psychology training, my Christian values and as a student of A Course in Miracles. Right now, I am offering Forgiveness Process Therapy to individuals.

In 2019, I became a Certified EMDR Trauma Therapist with the EMDR Centre London which complements the Forgiveness Process Therapy. EMDR is an NHS approved approach for patients suffering from trauma, anxiety and depression.

I keep abreast of my professional and personal development by regularly reading professional journals and books and attending relevant course, seminars and workshops.


I offer online therapy via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp

I work with women going through significant life changes e.g. bereavement, divorce, separation, job loss, life-threatening illness, mid-life crisis, which result in feelings of aloneness, insecurity, desperation and depression.


My approach is integrative with the focus on you as a whole person rather than a combination of symptoms. I offer you a safe and accepting space and work according to your needs and personality. While some respond better with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or Mindfulness based CBT, others may want to pour their heart out and be heard. There are those who would like to make sense of the impact of their past or what is happening to their life. You may identify with some or all of the above and it is important for me to be sensitive to meet you where you are, and this may change from session to session.

I may, with your permission, offer alternative approaches through EMDR therapy, Forgiveness Process Therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, life coaching, guided meditations, hypnotherapy, dream analysis or Reiki.

I may also provide and suggest resource materials to support and inspire you when appropriate.


£60 for each 50 min. session

Joyce has been a witness to my soul journey since 2007, spanning the move from Europe to Asia, different roles and jobs. Hers has been the steady voice that reminds me to nurture love, compassion and tenderness in the face of longstanding confusion, anger, fear and loneliness. In Joyce, I have found a therapist of considerable integrity and skill, an attentive ear of a caring sister and a human heart of much warmth. Her presence in my life comforts me as I surrender to my path.... 

Angel Sing

You were there for me two weeks after I decided to stop drinking and I thank you, Joyce, for all the things you've helped me during the past year. I'm more aware of and at peace with who I am and I'm now in a relationship with a real person ...I'm still on the journey, thank God, but feel that some white water has been negotiated. To continue the metaphor, I'm more able to calm the waters around me before they turn into uncontrollable torrents. I have moments, as we all do, and thank goodness for tough times.

Brett Greenfield, writer

Thank you feels like such an inadequate word to express my gratitude, but sometimes less is more. One of my greatest achievements has been to accept and embrace an unstructured approach to situations and experiences. I am more able to let the universe help rather than kill myself controlling everything in my world. Again, thank you.

Joseph Greene, banking executive

I started visiting Joyce for counselling and psychotherapy and Reiki treatment during a very difficult period in my life. The sessions certainly helped me lighten the burden and see challenges from a more positive perspective.

As a result, I feel stronger and have more faith in life! I have always found Joyce very warm and welcoming, yet very professional and she understands how to get to the core of an issue without being over-bearing or intrusive - a very delicate balance. I would, without hesitation, recommend Joyce to anyone who may need counselling or psychotherapy support.  

Emma Gant, copywriter

I have been fortunate enough to be one of Joyce's clients. She is non-judgmental, very knowledgeable, and also an extremely good listener. I have found her to be a consummate professional in every way, and would not hesitate to recommend her. Indeed, I have already recommended her to some acquaintances - who have in turn, praised her highly.

Liam Holm, social worker

Joyce has been my rock a constant for the last four years. I felt alone and unheard with pain and suffering everywhere.

What happened during the course of the period of psychotherapy with Joyce was a listening and empathy I had never witnessed before in any other human being. She offered me a loving and nurturing space where she allowed me to value myself at a deeper level therefore giving me permission to be with the pain and not run from it.

With mindful observation and creative interventions I blossomed and grew in self confidence and self worth. Where now I am able to take responsibility for myself and be with the difficult emotions and feelings but not punish myself with them and my stories. This has enabled me to receive love and acknowledge love in myself and others.

Thank you Joyce, you are an angel, it is a special gift you have given me by sharing your beautiful self. I love you.

Selina Joynson, counsellor MBACP, equine assisted psychotherapist, EAGALA certified practitioner

Joyce has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. She has helped me to come to terms and make peace with some very difficult family circumstances. Joyce always approached our sessions with great empathy, compassion and understanding. She also helped me to develop a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-compassion which has enhanced my quality of life beyond belief. Joyce is a highly-skilled and, in my opinion, a most wonderful psychotherapist and life-coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Catherine McCarthy, teacher

I have come to terms with myself and my father, thanks to your help and presence. I felt I have not gone all the way yet but it seems as if I am taking a respite at a very good bar and am with friends.

Jimmy Peters, musician

Going to see Joyce was a very good experience for me. Since I worked out exactly what I want to get from life, Joyce has proved to be a great aid, support and inspiration in her sessions. I have benefited hugely from my time with Joyce. I felt respected rather than being in an “expert or guru” type relationship which I had experienced once before.

I enjoyed Joyce’s mix of practical, emotional, spiritual healing and laughter! In the back of my mind I will always have my experience with Joyce as a great motivator as I continue to navigate the lumps and bumps of life!!! Thanks very much.

Bryonie Niles, dramatherapist and group facilitator HPC registered

By talking to you, you helped me maximise my inner strength and empowered me. I feel I could stand in front of a car and put both hands up and stop it. None of the other psychotherapists had helped me feel this way. Thank you.

Lester Standing, architect

Joyce made me feel completely at ease and understood. She helped me begin a journey in which I began to process some difficult things, become more self-aware and begin to make changes. I learnt what I wanted to let go off and what I wanted to hold onto in my life. The environment which she created was one of warmth, empathy and genuineness.

Jennifer Main, teacher

I am grateful for your open heart and generosity. I found your approach encouraging - while you are a wonderful and patient listener, you are also very professional.

Rukhzana Saif, PA

You always make me feel welcome and you listened with such a caring disposition as I poured out my woes and struggled to come to terms with them. For this I thank you very much, Joyce.

Ruth Campion, pensioner

I met Joyce back in the year 2000 as I was embarking on my journey of personal growth. I felt heard and understood for
the very first time in my life during my first session with Joyce. She exuded warmth and compassion whilst accompanying me on my painful journey, helping me find cues in restoring my fragmented soul. Looking back I take a long sigh of relief and reminisce over who I was and what I am today. I cannot thank Joyce enough for the constant emotional support which she has given me over the years as a psychotherapist and for believing in my potential when nobody else did.

Anita Baker, mental health practitioner

*Some names are changed to protect the identity of my clients.

No Mud, No Lotus

The ancient sages of natural virtue said:

I take no action, and people´s contention dissolves by itself;

I enjoy stillness, and people rectify themselves;

I do not interfere, and people enrich themselves; 

I have no desire, and people return to simplicity.
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


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