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In the early 1920's, Mikao Usui, a spiritual seeker in Japan, had a profound experience. It came after years of study and followed 21 days of meditation with fasting. He realised that he had been given the gift of healing and also that he was able teach others to heal. He called this healing gift "reiki".

Reiki is derived from two Japanese characters: "rei", which literally means the Soul or the Spirit and "ki" , the Breath. "Rei" also means the universe, the source, while "ki", your essence, life force, as in "chi" in Chinese, and "prana" in Sanskrit.

All forms of energy treatment such as acupuncture and reiki is believed to work by stimulating clearance of energy blocks and allowing natural healing to take place. Reiki is non-invasive, it complements all medical and natural treatments and it is safe and gentle.

The beauty of reiki is its simplicity and, as Mrs. Takata, who brought reiki to the West, said: "Hands on, reiki on; hands off, reiki off!" Reiki is effective regardless of age, race, religion or belief system.


I started practising reiki in 1993 and was initiated as a reiki master teacher in July 1995. My spiritual lineage can be traced back to Mrs. Takata and my reiki masters are John and Esther Veltheim and Phyllis Furumoto, Mrs. Takata's granddaughter.

I was a member of The Reiki Network of Reiki Masters from 1995 - 2005, and am currently a member of The Reiki Association.

I treat myself every day and regularly keep in touch with the reiki community.


You lie on a bed (or sit on a chair) for forty minutes to an hour, fully clothed. There is no striving: you don't have to do anything and I do not need to diagnose or guide the reiki or manipulate any parts of you. All it involves is me placing my hands gently over various parts of your body. Just as water flows and finds its own level, so does the reiki go to where it is most needed and redresses any imbalances within.


Each of my reiki class takes 8 - 10 hours over 2 to 4 days. It is a blend of storytelling, four sacred "initiations", questions, answers, sharing and hands-on experiences. Once you complete the training , you have reiki for life.


Reiki Treatment
£60 for each 50 min. ad hoc session

Reiki First Degree Class
£220 (50% deposit*, 50% on the day)

Reiki Second Degree Class
£360 (50% deposit*, 50% on the day)

* Non-refundable

I have been treating myself every day just before sleep with the help of Reiki music I downloaded and my sleeping is so good I just can't believe it. I also had a few headaches that had stopped while I was treating myself. And for the first time in ages, I had no arguments with neither of my parents during the week they stayed home and that is really strange!! I haven't tried treating someone else yet except than placing my hands on my girls when they hurt themselves.

I wanted to thank you for the initiations. That day when I left your home on my way back to my place, I had this incredible feeling, first I felt extremely peaceful and relaxed which in my case is almost never, I had like a boost of energy and the weirdest, I felt full of joy. It is difficult to put the exact words on how I felt because it was so different from what I ever experienced before.

Inez Morel, wife and mother

I had heard many and varied stories from friends and colleagues regarding their individual journey or enlightenment. I was very interested and wanted to know and understand more. You could feel the joy that radiated from these people, and it felt great.

Last year we were at dinner with some very long standing and dear friends when the topic of reiki came up! I was fascinated; I now had to find what was best for me at this time. One of my friends casually mentioned your name and where you lived in London. (I live in Australia). I visit my daughter annually in London and thought if there ever was 'the' opportunity this was it. It seemed natural and the right place to be.

Thank you, Joyce for your excellent guidance, care and unconditional love. Your teaching was passionate and infectious. I now breathe, smell, see and feel my day with a gift you have given me.

Julie Ecker, registered nurse

Reiki is playing a big part in my life - if I am in the way of people's anger after my initial desire to retaliate in like manner, I calm down and send them reiki. In due course, I'm sure I will be able to use my time on this wonderful gift - or should I say this wonderful gift will use me to do positive things. It has made me realise that at the heart of everything is spirituality and that I have to base my life on that before anything else. As I've heard from my own Maori culture - first of all is the spiritual side - tuatahi ko te taha wairua.

Anihaka Wagner, administration clerk

My reiki journey began with a few treatments with Joyce, which were powerful and cleansing, and all had a strong grounding and balancing affect on me. I went on to be attuned in reiki I with Joyce and haven't looked back since. A few years later, I still find treatments with Joyce wonderfully enlightening and sometimes very profound! She has not only guided me into the world of reiki but she's also been there for me when I needed advice - especially when I felt overwhelmed with new experiences. I can't begin to explain how significant Reiki has become in my life - Joyce helped me take the first, hesitant steps while teaching me to be open and practice humility when working with reiki. Very important lessons indeed!

Elma Godfrey, journalist

Bobby-Jo and I have been practising our reiki and the changes have been so positive and noticeable! To tell you the truth, I have lost 5 kgs and I am feeling very healthy! I even think that reiki has helped me stop smoking...I haven't had any cigarettes since early December, this is also the time I noticed I was losing weight. I am sure that this might inspire many of your clients who smoke.

Cianne Griffiths, spiritual therapist

Thank you for attuning me to this wonderful reiki energy. I reiki myself regularly after a long and hard days work and it relaxes and revitalises me completely.

Selma Son-Mey Chiu, Harvard PhD, teacher, painter

I had my first and second reiki initiations in 2002 with Joyce. The more I used the sacred reiki symbols, the more I felt a sense of empowerment and protection around and within me. There were also times during the process when I felt challenged and was forced to look within and as guided by Joyce, I chose to embrace the unknown wholeheartedly. I nurtured an inner knowing that I would emerge stronger on the other side and as my relationship with reiki progressed, I noticed my life starting to flow.The regular reiki shares which Joyce hosted always carried an element of great enthusiasm and sacredness whilst providing a network of holistic support to reiki students.

On a personal level, it has been a rewarding experience in witnessing my growing ability to intuitively connect to the pain of others and to heal .

Ahisma Sharma, psychologist

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I am so grateful you reikied me and relieved me of my jet lag. I needed that with a full working week ahead. Thanks a million.

Elisabeth Murray, executive director

I asked Joyce for help when my dog suffered from an inflamed paw. She sent reiki to him, and he noticeably calmed down and the next day, the inflammation was gone.

Yvonne Rosten, company secretary

After falling on ice on a holiday my ankles had been weak for years. When Joyce placed her hands gently on my eyes, I felt heat immediately round my ankles. A month after her treatments, I started wearing heels again.

Amy Tang, retired teacher

You have certainly been a breath of calmness in my life. You have opened my eyes up to enjoying the present which hasn't stopped me thinking one step ahead but allowed me to slow down a little and take in what is happening around me before it's gone forever. This has been through both Reiki and Mindfulness training and treatments. I always look forward to the reiki share groups and meeting up with like minded people. I'm not sure yet if I enjoy this for the group treatment or the banter at these sessions yet but whichever it is it's great.

Yvette Nieslony, IT project manger

I highly recommend Joyce’s workshops. As a psychotherapist, I believe that patients need to be taken beyond symptom resolution. Reiki goes to the root of the problem, increases awareness and is a useful conjunct to my work.

Dr. Winston Chiu, psychiatrist

Having received Reiki with several practitioners in the UK and Italy, which greatly enhanced my well-being and health (I have chronic fatigue syndrome), I wanted to learn more and chose Joyce as my Reiki Master. Everything somehow seemed right and I feel that I gravitated towards her.

Joyce encourages her students, as she practises herself, to treat themselves every day. I follow this tradition and plan to start a practice in September. In the meantime, I also enjoy sending Reiki regularly with most successful results. Joyce's approach is absorbing, enlightening and inspiring. I found that, at the end of each day, I left with all the enthusiasm and joy of life. Joyce is a true aptronym and I have found my work with her transformational.

Aemelia Florence Sarto, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, nutrition distributor

*Some names are changed to protect the identity of my clients / students.

Let no one persuade you to cure the head until he has first given you his soul to be cured. For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.


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